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Munu Advantages or Munu services We help students achieve their dream of pursuing higher education in accredited institution around the world. We help you in visa formalities like applications, financial statements, interviews and everything right up to the last details - like pre-departure briefing, accommodation, post-arrival problem solving. We assist the parents to ensure the best service in each and every field.Career Counseling MUNU would guide you through the maze of questions to find solutions that best suit your profile and/or constraints, helping you choose the best career pathway Career/Course selection Personal, one-to-one guidance to help you choose courses that perfectly fit your career and personal goals. Guidance in opting for the right university /college Assistance to zero-in on those institutes that would best suit your personal, academic and financial profile, and not limited to the universities/colleges we represent.

Why only Munu or salient features of Munu
Few of the aspects students need to review before applying:
Cost of study at the University
Availability of financial assistance
Availability of interested field of specialization
Availability of interested field of specialization
The prospects of further education
What sort of accreditation does the university have
Flexibility of transferring to other courses or programs within and outside the university
Student to staff ratio
Faculty and infrastructure
The geography of the university
Assistance in Admission

Special attention is given to your application highlighting the areas essential for a well presented, error free application. MUNU follows up with the chosen universities and ensures positive and prompt response.Assistance in education loan through Credila finance and HDFC bank We are associated with most of the leading banks and are able to help the student obtain a bank loan with these banks. Our services cover counseling, provisioning of important documents and advice on amount and type of loan.

Interview preparation and visa documentation
We provide a comprehensive interview and visa documentation preparation. Following aspects are covered under this:
Full interview preparation
Specific attention to important facets of the interview process
Mock Sessions to ensure high degree of competence Besides this, in countries whose Visa is processed on file the following are covered:
Full comprehensive preparation of file as per the check list
Specific attention to documents pertaining to different countries
Monitoring of deadlines and timely submission of file
Detailed analysis of finances and presenting these with clarity
Full support based on the vast experience in the field of visa documents processing
Visa Services
Faculty and infrastructure

We help you with Visa formalities like applications, financial statements, interviews and everything, right upto the last-stage details like pre-departure briefing, accommodation and Special care is taken to counsel the students/parents regarding the services provided by us at each and every stage.

Pre-Departure Assistance
Full information and coordination regarding all aspects of the client's departure to the college/university.
The following services are covered under the Pre- departure briefing:
Coordinate arrival with college /university authorities.
Briefings on overseas insurance and medical cover
Briefings on banking facilities and money transfer
Orientation on country, culture, clothing ,etiquette and luggage.
Briefing on security aspects and preparation for the course
And all the tips and information that you need